Instructions for the Capital Library of China (the Children’s Library)

1 The Capital Library of China accommodates readers aged 13 and above, the Children’s Library accommodates readers under 18.

2 It is recommended to leave the school bag and other belongings in the luggage deposit and carry precious items into the library.

3 Please pay attention to your clothes, anyone with untidy clothes are not allowed to enter the library.

4 Please keep quiet in the reading area and turn your cellphone into silent mode.

5 Teenagers under 18 can have access to electronic reading service in the Children’s Library in Building A; readers aged 18 and above can have access to electronic reading service in Building B.

6 Please take care of all the literature and public possessions in the library, any damages will be fined according to the regulations.

7 Please keep the environment tidy and clean.

8 No pets are allowed.

9 No eating is allowed in the reading area.

10 No smoking or fire is allowed, nor are inflammable or explosive items allowed to be taken into the library.

11 No photos or videos are allowed in the reading area without special permission.

12 Please abide by all the public order and various regulations of the Capital Library of China and follow the instructions given by the staff members.