Inter-library service

Based on the literature in stock, the library provides inter-library service for those in need in order to improve the use rate of literature and realize the mutual construction and sharing of literature. 1 to 2 commissioners from the application unit can apply for the inter-library service card with the introduction letter of the unit and the ID card(s) of the commissioner(s).

  1. Applicants for inter-library service are exempted from the guarantee fees (2000 yuan), the registration fees for the cards and booklets (25 yuan) and the registration fees (100 yuan).

  2. Each inter-library service card is entitled to borrow 200 books for 4 weeks, with one-time renewal for 4 weeks.

  3. The reader’s card can only by used by the commissioner. The change of the commissioner should be verified by the introduction letter and the commission letter.

  4. All books should be returned in due time. Fines will be paid for overdue books, 0.2 yuan for each book per day.

  5. The renewal of the book should be done by bringing the book to the library.

  6. Please take care of the book and check whether there are dirty or marked places or lost page(s), any of the above-mentioned situations should be reported to the staff members for seals. When returning the book, if there are any dirty or lost situations of the book without the seal, fines will be issues according to related regulations.

  7. Other regulations should abide by the Cooperation Document for the Mutual Information, Construction and Sharing in Public Libraries in Beijing.