The model room for digital culture community

The project of digital culture community is one of the ten projects for the benefits of the people in public culture service by the Bureau of Culture in Beijing in 2012, which is listed as the 35 most important things that the Beijing municipal government wanted to carry out for its citizens.

Located on the second floor in Building B, the model room for digital culture community consists of the study area for senior citizens, the digital resources area, the experience area for HD interactive TV, the experience area for children and so on, with 3 million electronic books, 10000 electronic journals, 2000 videos on the Chinese culture, 10000 ancient books, 20000 videos of lectures and specific videos. With facilities such as touch screen all-in-one machines, touch screen newspaper reading machines and pads, the model room is a combination of information search, art appreciation, cultural communication and mutual interaction which offers a digital study space for public culture in which readers can experience the digitized and internet-based reading habits.