ClasePeriodica Latin American Journal Abstract Database

Date: 2017-08-15

ClasePeriodica Latin American journal abstract database comprises two parts: Clase and Periodica, the former of which is an index for Latin American journals in Social Sciences and the Humanities, while the latter of which is an index for Latin American journals in Science and Technology. The database provides an index for 710,000 catalogues in more than 2,700 Spanish, Portuguese, French and English journals, which not only includes information from journals focusing on the Pan-American issues but also articles, papers, booklets, conference documents, technology reports, interviews and notes published in Latin America and the Caribbean Sea. Data in Clase dates back to 1975 and that in Periodica dates back to 1978, themes include Agricultural Science, History, Anthropology, Law, Arts, Library and Information Science, Biology, Linguistics and Literature, Chemistry, Management and Accounting, Communications Science, Medicine, Demography, Philosophy, Economics, Physics, Education, Politics, Engineering, Psychology, Exact Sciences, Religion, Sociology and Geoscience. The database is updated every three months.