OverDrive Saiyue Digital Library

Date: 2017-08-15

OverDrive Saiyue digital library contains more than 2,000 digital books and audio books of high quality. The books are mainly English works with some accompanied by Chinese or with Chinese and English parallels, including classical literature, science fiction, suspense as well as books on biography, history and health. Through popular books, audio books, Chinese digital books, awarding books and so on, the platform recommends readers with reading materials of high quality. At the same time, the platform also provides children’s digital books, including preliminary level material, comics and picture books, fictional works and paint drawings. English books can be read according to interests and language difficulties, providing convenience for English learners.

Digital books in this library mainly come from the HarperCollins Book Club, the Random House, the Perseus Publishing, the American Open Way Media and the Workman Publishing. The audios are read by famous hosts or actors from the U.S or the U.K., ensuring the standard of the audio material.

Digital books in this library can be downloaded in epub format and read online in OverDrive format, while digital books with audios can be read online in OverDrive format and readers are free to read the book with or without the audio. The audio materials can be downloaded in MP3 Audiobook format and read online in OverDrive format, the OverDrive Client should be downloaded to play the audio. Readers can search the materials using book title or author as the key word, borrow the book afterwards and create a personal wish list. Readers can also look at the concrete content of every digital book and enjoy trial reading.

Visiting means:

1 Personal Computer (the IE9 or above is recommended and external visit is supported)

(1) Visiting URL:

(2) Log in with the reader’s card number and password.

2 Portable Device

For iPhone or ipad, please visit the App Store; for Android, click here to download.

Information for devices on Windows phone, Mac, Windows can be found at .