The Encyclopedia Britannica

Date: 2017-08-15

The Encyclopedia Britannica is suitable for readers of all ages and is divided into three sub-databases: children, teenager, and adult readers, which includes learning materials suitable for children and daily reference materials for adults, making it possible for readers to do research, homework and daily reading according to different needs among the three databases. The public edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica is divided into three levels from easy to difficult, and readers can shift between different levels according to their English reading abilities.

The public edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica is update on the daily basis and the website supports portable devices, so that readers can easily log in and read the content on pads or PCs.

The total amount of the data in the public edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica is 4,000 GB, including 130,000 encyclopedic articles, 9,000 videos and audios, 90,000 pictures, and 24,000 electronic books and original literature.

Brief main window, easy to use.

Readers can choose the suitable reading level.

Divided into children, teenager and adult reader database.

It is connected to more than 300,000 websites recommended by the Encyclopedia Britannica experts for readers’ further study.

An audio Webster’s dictionary inserted.

The Map of the World included.

The Comparison of Countries included.

Research tools included.

Support the saving and sharing of articles, pictures and videos.

Readers can read with the audio track for an article.

Windows specifically designed for children.