Letter of Commitment for Public Service of CLC

1 The Position of Function

The Capital Library of China is a large city-owned public library which abides by the Regulations of Beijing Libraries. It provides service of literature and information for the public following the principles of the Manifesto of Library Service and the service concept of “putting people first and respecting the readers”.

2 Service Clients

The public.

3 Service Commitments

3.1 Equal Service

Everyone has equal rights to library services, regardless of age, race, gender, religious belief, nationality, language or social status. There are no limitations for apply reader’s card on age, profession, education level and birth place in the Capital Library of China.

3.2 Providing Free Access

The library is open all year round. Readers have free access to basic public and cultural services, including reader’s card application, luggage deposit, books borrowing, public lectures and exhibitions, self-study rooms, electronic reading room and so on.

3.3 Providing humanistic care

The humanistic care is reflected in daily service and administration by dedicating to eliminate the difficulties in using libraries by the disadvantaged group. Special attention is paid to the cultural needs of the disabled and the senior citizens, in order to provide service facilities and service program with more humanistic care.

3.4 Promoting Reading among the Public

The library is to promote reading among the general public and construct a study-focused city. Many reading activities that are with good content, new form and correspond to the development of the times and people’s needs will be hosted, so as to create a cozy reading habit.

3.5 Enhancing Social Education

The library is to play its role in social education and serve as the social class for the lifelong education of the citizens. The general public can enjoy free and open information training and education.

3.6 Serving Teenagers

The library is to provide cultural information service to teenagers and conduct positive and effective reading guidance. Various cultural activities will be held to inspire children’s imagination and creativity, foster their early childhood reading habit, thus the function of “extra-curriculum class” of the library will be satisfied.

3.7 Promoting Cultural Exchanges

The library is to introduce excellent cultural and artistic achievements from various nations, regions and ethnic groups to provide platforms for the demonstration and performance of excellent cultures through cultural forums, exhibitions and shows.

3.8 Enhancing Security Work

The library is to enhance daily security protection and make a series of security plans with advanced security protection facilities, so as to ensure the safety of the readers, staff members and reading materials.

4 Responsibilities of Commitment Breach

In the implementation of the responsibilities of the library, if any responsibilities are failed to be carried out, criticism to administrative order will be given to anyone responsible based on the actual situation on the basis of related regulations of the Capital Library of China.

5 Supervision Means

The Capital Library of China is to accept the supervision of the law, the public and the media. The consultations and suggestions will be handled with care and be replied in time.

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